Bjartmars Favorittkro, Atlanterhavsveien, Averøy, tlf +47 91618346

Ideal place to stop for groups travelling to The Atlantic Road, Atlanterhavsveien

Bjartmars Favorittkro is an ideal stopover for lunch for groups en route to Atlanterhavsveien. Our waiters are service-minded and speak several languages: Norwegian, English, German, French and Dutch.

Menu suggestions for groups

Main courses

  • Homemade moose hamburger with good bread and raw salad
  • The house's good fish soup with butter and bread
  • Our award-winning bacalhau, with bread and flatbread
  • Warm lunch dish with a selection of local samples of cured meat, salmon, dried and salted cod, cheese and marmalade served with bread
  • Meat in brown sauce with stewed peas, cooked vegetables and potatoes.
  • Roasted neck of pork with boiled vegetables and potatoes
  • Filled chicken breast fillet with coarse mashed potato and fried vegetables.



  • Caramel pudding with cream and caramel sauce
  • Apple cake with vanilla ice cream
  • Homemade brownie with walnuts and blueberry sorbet
  • Cloudberry ice cream and blueberry sorbet

We can accommodate 70 people on our premises.

Order and contact

Please contact: + 47 71 51 60 60, email:

Rates may depend on time, season and number of guests.